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HOLMER Budowa Maszyn sp.zo.o.

Self-propelled digestate barrel
Barrel capacity up to 16 to 21 meters
Possibility to immediately mix digestate with soil, thanks to which we minimize nitrogen losses.

It is possible to rent the machine and purchase it.

Territorial scope of the offer: Poland

Contact details:
Patryk Piontek, +48 601 060 911, ppiontek@holmer.com.pl
Wrocławska 73, Środa Śląska 55-300



Lundsby Biogas Ltd. manage and build turn-key biogas plants in Denmark and the surrounding countries. We cooporate with various suppliers of upgrade plants, if the plant delivers bionatural gas to the Natural Gas Network. We participate in considerations with power/heating plants if there is a possibility of supplying to one. Lundsby Biogas Ltd. always deliver a well-tested and operating biogas plant, including the training of the personel. We provide ongoing support until the manager feels safe with the technical and biological part of the biogas plant.

Lundsby Biogas Ltd. puts great effort in making sustainable, robust and simple biogas plants. We constantly develop the plants in cooporation with new and existing customers. We have ongoing contact to the managers that are running the biogas plants. They are exchanging experiences with each other from the daily operations.
Lundsby Biogas Ltd. provide credible and competent advice from the initial meeting with the customer. This typically starts with visiting an existing Lundsby Biogas plant. This provides the opportunity to discuss the challenges with producing biogas with the manager at the plant.

Territorial scope of the offer: Europe

Contact details: 
Michael Firstrup, +45 22 45 20 25, mf@lundsbybiogas.dk
Urban Górski, +48 608877804, gorski.urban@gmail.com
Niels Pedersens Alle 2, 8830 Tjele, Denmark



Our partners

  • European Biogas Association
  • Partnerstwo dla Klimatu
  • Nijhuis Industries
  • Enrocom
  • Verso
  • Bio-tec
  • Modus Energy

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