Project addressed to representatives of local government units

UPEBI has provided a technical support during preparation and implementation of the project called "BIG. Farm Biogas Plants in Your District – Workshops for Officials." Implementation of the project lasted until November 2014 as part of the priority Ecological Education programme co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
The primary purpose of the project was to increase the qualifications of local government unit representatives in the area of:

  • biogas plant technology and principles of operation,
  • legal and environmental aspects,
  • an investment procedure step-by-step,
  • preparation and carrying out of public consultations,
  • prevention of conflicts related to the erection of biogas plants, methods of mediation and effective resolution of ecology-related conflicts.

As part of the project 40 workshops were conducted with the use of a 3D biogas plant model and a biogas calculator allowing to calculate energy effectiveness of a biogas plant depending on the selected substrates.


Our partners

  • European Biogas Association
  • Partnerstwo dla Klimatu
  • Nijhuis Industries
  • Enrocom
  • Verso
  • Bio-tec
  • Modus Energy

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