14 October 2022

The 4th International Conference of Biogas and Biomethane Producers GREEN GAS POLAND 2022 took place in Warsaw on 6-7 X this year and brought together around one hundred and fifty participants from home and abroad.  The annual industry conference, organised by the Union of Producers and Employers of the Biogas and Biomethane Industry (UPEBBI), is the country's premier business meeting and technical briefing for the biogas and biomethane sector.

During a break in the conference proceedings on 7 X this year, the annual general meeting of the employers' organisation's members was held to approve the board of directors' report and financial statements as required by law, and this was done. On the other hand, two items on the agenda were new and extraordinary, and related to previous resolutions of the Board of Directors concerning: a recommendation for a name change and the co-optation of a new Board member.

At the request of Vice President Beata Matecka, first the Board of Directors and then the General Assembly passed resolutions to amend the Articles of Association by extending the name to Union of Producers of Biogas and Biomethane Industries (UPEBBI for short) . The addition of a reference to biomethane to the name was justified by the growing role of this segment of the industry, which may soon prove to be the most developmental
and dynamic. The Union already brings together employers both operating existing biogas facilities and those planning to develop biomethane facilities. A special case in point is such a prominent member of the UPEBBI as Orlen Południe SA, which has met both conditions from the outset. After a brief discussion of the proposal, the General Meeting of Members agreed to the recommendation of the Board and the arguments of Vice President Beata Matecka, extending the statutory name to Union of Producers and Employers of the Biogas and Biomethane Industry (UPEBBI).    

At the request of the Board of Directors and with the arguments cited by President Artur Zawisza, the General Assembly of Members approved the co-option of Mariusz Skrzydelski to the UPEBBI Board of Directors, and thus he also became Vice President of the Board of Directors. Mariusz Skrzydelski represents three biogas companies whose sole shareholder is Orlen Południe SA (a member of UPEBBI), one of which also belongs to UPEBBI. Until recently, the vice-president with identical characteristics was Tomasz Nowakowski, who recently moved from the Orlen Group to the board of the National Food Group and thus changed his professional and organisational position. In view of the above, the UPEBBI Board of Directors supplemented its composition with Mariusz Skrzydelski and entrusted him with the role of Vice-President, and the General Meeting of Members accepted this important addition without hesitation.

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